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  ReBoot II


Only Complete PCT Product on the Market!

  • 4-Stage PCT includes:
  • Estrogen Control
  • Cortisol Management
  • Testosterone Elevator
  • Immune Support
  • 168 Tablets - Enables Flexible Dosing
List Price: $89.99
Our Price: $54.99
Savings: $35.00

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Product Code: 1620

Description Supplement Facts
4-Stage PCT Product
  • Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take 3 Bio-Tabs in the AM (1 per hour) 3 Bio-Tabs in the PM. Take with meals.
  • Cycling Recommendations: Use as an off-cycle product following an on-cycle of Alpha Mass, Alpha Bulk and Alpha Hard, for 4 to 6 weeks. Use in 8 week cycles a standalone product.
  • Features
    • What is ReBoot™
    • ReBoot™ is the first of its kind complete, 4-stage PCT supplement that literally reboots your body’s chemical equilibrium after a cycle of exogenous anabolic hormones have created what is known as “negative feedback”. ReBoot’s primary goal is to restore a man’s chemical equilibrium that is ideal for newly acquired muscle mass results from an anabolic hormone cycle.

    • What is the Estrocide Complex™
    • It’s a blend of two (2) very unique and different compounds that help to derail unwanted estrogen spillover/production during a prohormone cycle. Indole-3-carbinol, found at high levels in cruciferous vegetables – may help to metabolize estrogen more efficiently in men.

    • Androst-3, 5-dien-7, 17-dione shows an elaborate array of promise as a non-suppressive, DSHEA-compliant DHEA metabolite, coaxing the male metabolism in to a more myotropic state. Although studies show positive effects on testosterone to cortisol ratios, decreased fat storage and increased libido – the goal of Androst-3, 5-dien-7, 17-dione in ReBoot is to positively effect the testosterone to estrogen ratio because it derails unwanted estrogen production (aromatase inhibitor) from previous prohormone cycles without shutting down natural testosterone production.

    • What is the Cortisolvent™
    • Cortisolvent™ helps to eradicate elevated cortisol hormone levels as a result of an anabolic hormone cycle. Elevated cortisol levels are known catabolic agents that destroy newly formed muscle mass.

    • What is the Testosterone Elevator™
    • ReBoot’s
    • Testosterone Elevator™ is a full daily dose of Calcium Lactate, an
    • essential and proven ingredient to stimulate testosterone production
    • after the harmful effects of “negative feedback”, which is
    • responsible for near complete shutdown.

    • What is Immuno Support-X™
    • Immuno Support-X™ is a much needed, dual-ingredient complex that strengthens the body’s immune system, ravaged by temporarily dipping testosterone levels, following an anabolic hormone cycle. If not addressed – you are much more susceptible to common illnesses.

    • How Does ReBoot™ Work
    • ReBoot’s sole purpose is to restore the body’s natural chemical equilibrium by reversing the following four (4) culprits responsible for “negative feedback”:
      • Increased estrogen
      • Increased cortisol
      • Decreased testosterone
      • Decreased immune system

    • What Makes ReBoot™ so Powerful & Unique
    • No other PCT product on the market completely addresses the four (4) most menacing side effects of a completed anabolic hormone cycle:
      • Increased estrogen
      • Increased cortisol
      • Decreased testosterone
      • Decreased immune system

    • Why Should I buy ReBoot™
    • Although a cycle of exogenous anabolic hormones creates increased muscle mass – our obvious and paramount goal, our body also adjusts to the supplement cycle by increasing estrogen & cortisol hormones and almost completely shuts down natural production of testosterone. And if that weren’t enough to deal with – once your natural testosterone levels drop, your immune system weakens. ReBoot’s incredible formula helps to reverse these four (4) menacing side effects with its unique formula:

      1. Estrocide Complex™ - dual ingredient approach to terminate unwanted estrogen spillover
      2. Cortisolvent™ - Powerful DHEA metabolite that executes the negative steroid hormone cortisol that is responsible for catabolizing new muscle mass and inviting unwanted fat cells to the environment.
      3. Testosterone Elevator™- Proven testosterone elevating amino acid.
      4. Immuno Support-X™- Dual amino acid complex that stabilizes the immune system during a dip in testosterone production from an anabolic hormone cycle.

    • What is the Best Way to Use ReBoot™ in Conjunction with other Forerunner Labs Products?
    • For the quickest recovery from an anabolic hormone cycle, ReBoot should be taken directly after the finish of a cycle of Alpha Mass, Alpha Bulk or a combo stack of both. ReBoot should be taken for a 30-day period.

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    Awesome Overall Test Booster March 31, 2013
    Reviewer: Andrew Y from Flagstaff, AZ United States  
    I use this as a PCT or when I'm off cycle just because this product has everything I need to help raise my test naturally and control cortisol levels to keep me anabolic throughout the year! As a PCT this has helped me maintain my gains and as a standalone test booster it has given me that drive in the gym that only a raise in test can provide! This product really is one of the best all around test boosters that I have ever tried and I would have to spend twice what this is worth to get all of it's benefits from other company's products.

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      0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
    Best legal PCT Agent in the game March 28, 2013
    Reviewer: Alex Erdellan from cooper city, FL United States  
    For the price this product cannot be beat, it features the main ingredients of Erase, 2 Cortisol Control Agents, I3C and some aminos for Immune Support.
    If one were to purchase Erase Pro, DAA and a Cortisol Control control supp it would cost around $70, and Reboot has it all for only around $40-50, easily the most complete formula in the game.

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      0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
    Reboot PCT March 28, 2013
    Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Columbia, MO United States  
    I used Reboot as part of my PCT for an 8 week alpha mass/5 alpha test cycle and again Forerunner labs did not disappoint. I felt no loss of libido or other traditional PCT sides and I actually felt like I continued to gain strength in the gym. I also am happy to say that I was able to keep all my gains throughout PCT. Overall, this is a great addition to any PCT.

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